Delmote engineering

Delmote Engineering provides innovative and custom handling solutions for various applications in which ergonomics and safety are the point of focus.

We turned our passion into our profession...

The drive for innovative handling solutions is reflected in our distinct projects in which ergonomics and safety are the point of focus.

Production processes are very diverse and problems that arise from project to project require a tailor-made approach. Thoroughly identifying and understanding the customer's processes is essential to come up with the best solution.

Always new challenges, working with the latest technologies, focus on the future... These are the cornerstones of our job satisfaction.

Striving for maximizing the productivity, functionality and efficiency of your production and thus the competitiveness of your company, is of key importance to Delmote Engineering.

We are able to offer you high quality products and we are proud of it!

Our product range:

  • Ergonomic lift tables.
  • Pneumatic industrial manipulators.
  • Vacuum tube lifters.
  • Pallet trucks and custom-built lifters.
  • Tow tractors and transporters.
  • Storage solutions.

It's also important to know that the investment cost is minimal, thanks to a good return on investment.

And last but not least, creating a pleasant atmosphere for you and your employees, that is our objective.

Welcome to Delmote Engineering!



Delmote engineering
Delmote engineering
Delmote engineering
Delmote engineering
Delmote engineering
Delmote engineering
Delmote engineering
Delmote engineering

Lifting equipment, internal logistics and warehouse systems for different sectors to handle all kinds of loads effortlessly.

Platforms, clamps, hooks, magnets, suction cups, ... for lifting, turning, tilting, moving, storing, ... of car parts, axles, tubes, tanks, cylinders, cabinets, frames, crates, bins, sacks, barrels, boxes, buckets, cans, machine parts, plates, panels, rolls, coils, bobbins, pallets, ... in the automotive sector, construction, chemistry, mechanics, wood, metal and textile industry, packaging industry, food, ...

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Ergonomics & safety

Back pain, neck pain and other physical discomforts increase more and more with workers in the workplace, as a result of which sick leave in companies breaks all records. Poor body postures and overload due to excessive and incorrect lifting are the main causes for this. Pain, workincapacity, medical treatments, financial stress, capacity loss ... and ultimately the employer pays the bill.

Thanks to our tools, injuries due to physical exertions and/or accidents are reduced to a minimum.

Delmote Engineering delivers machines adapted to the operator which means that, regardless of strength, gender or age, it can move the most diverse goods without effort. In this way, physical and mental fatigue that occurs during the working day is greatly reduced, which benefits the satisfaction of the people in the workplace and thus the working atmosphere in general. The efficiency and productivity of your processes will benefit from this. In short, our products push the competitiveness of your company to the summit.

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